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Date Posted: 08-23-2018

We transported our fur friend Nick to UPENN after some post surgery complications. Good luck Buddy!!!

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Still Friends After the Fact

Date Posted: 06-14-2018

Warning Graphic Content: We helped our two new friends Morty and Froggie get to UPENN for some much needed medical assistance. They were pretty banged up from a scrap over dinner but both were very sweet and did great on the ride.

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Big Dog Means More to Love

Date Posted: 05-25-2018

We had the pleasure to help our new fur friend Bailey get to the University of Penn. He is a beautiful 8 year old St. Bernard having back and legs issues. Good luck Bailey!

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Bella the Brave

Date Posted: 05-22-2018

We transported our new fur friend Bella from the Metropolitan Animal Hospital to the University of Penn. She was in respiratory distress and needed oxygen but did great on the ride.

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Jake Getting Transported

Date Posted: 04-22-2018

This is our new fur pal Jake a 13 year old German Shepard. He had spine surgery and had some major complications including pneumonia. We transported him from the Spine surgery center in Annapolis Junction MD to the UPENN hospital in Philadelphia. He was such a sweet boy. Best of luck to Jake and his […]

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