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Jona the Golden-Doodle

Date Posted: 07-22-2018

We transported Jona from Windcrest Animal Hospital to The University of Penn today. She was such a sweet girl and a beautiful Golden-doodle.

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Randal the Giant

Date Posted: 07-21-2018

We transported our new fur friend Randal to get some much needed help after a possible stroke. He was a 160lb sweetheart. 

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Still Friends After the Fact

Date Posted: 06-14-2018

Warning Graphic Content: We helped our two new friends Morty and Froggie get to UPENN for some much needed medical assistance. They were pretty banged up from a scrap over dinner but both were very sweet and did great on the ride.

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Big Dog Means More to Love

Date Posted: 05-25-2018

We had the pleasure to help our new fur friend Bailey get to the University of Penn. He is a beautiful 8 year old St. Bernard having back and legs issues. Good luck Bailey!

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