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Get to the Chopper!

Date Posted: 06-02-2018

We just helped our new fur friend Chop get to Hope Veterinary Specialists for some much needed help. He was having seizures and was dehydrated but he did great on the transport. Good luck Chop!!!

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Big Girls Love K911

Date Posted: 05-28-2018

Bailey scheduled a ride home from what was, luckily, a short stay at the Vetinary Speciality Center. She was feeling so much better after treatment. 

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Big Dog Means More to Love

Date Posted: 05-25-2018

We had the pleasure to help our new fur friend Bailey get to the University of Penn. He is a beautiful 8 year old St. Bernard having back and legs issues. Good luck Bailey!

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Bella the Brave

Date Posted: 05-22-2018

We transported our new fur friend Bella from the Metropolitan Animal Hospital to the University of Penn. She was in respiratory distress and needed oxygen but did great on the ride.

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Bailey Gets Mobile

Date Posted: 05-14-2018

5/14/18 We received a call in the afternoon for an animal in distress. We dispatched and picked up Bailey, a beautiful 150+lb. 9 year old Rottweiler. When we arrived, she was excited and was trying to get up to greet us. She was in pain and unable to walk. Her owner felt she needed a […]

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