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Still Friends After the Fact

Date Posted: 06-14-2018

Warning Graphic Content: We helped our two new friends Morty and Froggie get to UPENN for some much needed medical assistance. They were pretty banged up from a scrap over dinner but both were very sweet and did great on the ride.

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Big Dog Means More to Love

Date Posted: 05-25-2018

We had the pleasure to help our new fur friend Bailey get to the University of Penn. He is a beautiful 8 year old St. Bernard having back and legs issues. Good luck Bailey!

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Jakes’s Trip Home to NYC

Date Posted: 05-04-2018

You all remember our good pal Jake that we helped get to UPENN from Annapolis Jct. Well Jake has been hospitalized in Philadelphia for the last week and is doing so well he gets to come home to NYC Animal Medical Center. He is such a sweet boy and was so good during the transport. […]

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Bella is Beautiful

Date Posted: 04-23-2018

We helped our new fur friend Bella with transport to the Metropolitan Veterinary Associates after she aspirated fluid into her lungs while waking up from a routine procedure. She did great and she enjoyed playing astronaut. Good luck little one!!!

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About K911

Date Posted: 01-12-2018

  K911 was founded with the goal to provide both emergency and non-emergency transport for your pets in their time of need. We provide safe, fast, and reliable transportation for all of your household pets. We will help you GET your PET to the VET. As pet owners ourselves we understand how much your loved ones mean to […]

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